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Speed Challenge Your Own Golf Swing

Remember those times when you’re playing and you just nail a drive that goes a lot further than your “normal” driving distance. Well, those drives are a glimpse at the distance potential you have.  Below is a great tip that I gave on Sunday that will help to unlock this distance potential, just in case you missed it on Sunday. But before I give you that, I need to remind you that the special on my total […]

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Find Your Great Natural Golf Swing…

Today I have something truly special for you… You see, recently I’ve given you some free videos from Shawn Clement, and I hope you enjoyed watching those and they helped you to improve your golf game. But there is still a lot to learn to free your mind and body away from the binds of typical golf “paralysis by analysis” instruction. As I mentioned in my last email I was trying to get Shawn Clement to let […]

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3 Swing Changes to Make to Your Draw Shot

The draw shot can be one of your most powerful weapons in your golf game so long as you take the time to fine-tune it. A draw is when the ball flies gently from right to left. It’s the opposite of a fade. A draw is perfect for getting around obstacles in front of you. Plus, it’s easy to learn and can add yards thanks to its tendency to roll further once it lands. Here are some […]

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