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Learning And Perfecting The Basics of Golf

Learning and perfecting the basics

Golf is the one game that bridges perfectly the gap between the corporate world and the sports world. Loved by both the business and sports community alike, Learning and perfecting the basics of golf is a great game has really become quite popular. If you desire for whatever reason , business or sports, to learn how to play golf , you must first learn the basics and perfect them. Learning and perfecting the basics is very important […]

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Kids guide to golf teaches kids values

Kids Guide To Golf

Kids Guide To Golf   Golf is a wonderful game playable by any person, of any age, weights and sizes. Golf is not physically draining like other sports, thus, even kids and seniors may enjoy hitting the ball on the green. This game that started in 1297 has the reputation of being a game for the scholarly and wealthy individuals. However,┬ábecause of the variations in golf tournaments, even kids have their way of getting into this strategic […]

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