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The Stress-Free Golf Swing Review

The Stress-Free Golf Swing Review The Stress-Free Golf swing was created by Jeff Richmond of ConsistentGolf.com. There is an interesting story to the creation of this swing because Jeff claims he accidently discovered a secret move that Ben Hogan made in his golf swing. Jeff says he made this discovery on the 5th of March, 2015. Jeff knows the exact date because the discovery was made when he was analyzing 23 great golfers swings for a blog […]

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Speed Challenge Your Own Golf Swing

Remember those times when you’re playing and you just nail a drive that goes a lot further than your “normal” driving distance. Well, those drives are a glimpse at the distance potential you have. ¬†Below is a great tip that I gave on Sunday that will help to unlock this distance potential, just in case you missed it on Sunday. But before I give you that, I need to remind you that the special on my total […]

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