SINK PUTT AFTER PUTT With ARGOLF Putters … Hand-Crafted by Aeronautical Engineers from the Highest Quality Aircraft-Grade Materials … Special Low Price …

Dear Revolution Golfer,

What’s the biggest difference between the putters you see on the tours … and the putters used by “regular” golfers?

That’s easy to answer …


Cheap, off-the-rack mass-produced putters are made from cheap materials. As a result, they give you inconsistent results.

But with putters made from the highest-quality materials, you get consistent results … and sink putt after putt after putt … ESPECIALLY in that all-important “10 foot and in” range.

So …

Right Now … You Have a Choice About Your Putting …

I see it time and time again when I play golf with friends. They have top-quality woods, hybrids, wedges, and irons … made with the finest materials. But they have an “el-cheapo” putter and this costs them at least 7 shots a round.

So … right now you have a decision to make.

You can rely on putters made from cheap materials and wonder why you’re missing a lot of makeable putts.

OR …

You can pay close attention to this page and discover how to sink more putts … and save at least 7 shots a round … thanks to a putter made with the highest quality materials available.

Still with me? Good.

Right now …

Let’s Meet The Craftsmen at ARGOLF …

Right from the beginning, ARGOLF had a singular goal of producing the finest putters on the planet for golfers like you.

ARGOLF was founded in 2010 by an aeronautical engineer, Olivier Colas … plus golf professional Emmanuel Carlier. Sonia Colas also joined the company.

The ARGOLF team makes their putters in Brittany in France, specifically the town of Pleslin-Trigavou.

Genuine Aircraft Grade Materials

Aircraft design goes into the creation of each ARGOLF putter. The craftsmen at ARGOLF also use the highest quality aircraft-grade materials. The goal is to unite finesse, technological precision, balance, and performance … so you sink a TON more putts.

Aircraft-Grade Materials Are Used in Each ARGOLF Putter. They are Designed by Aeronautical Engineers.

Each ARGOLF putter is created using sophisticated aeronautical technology. They use the finest metals including titanium carved from a block, 304 Stainless Steel, and fine leather.

A Special Milling System … For The Ultimate in Feel and Consistency

The creation of each ARGOLF putter is based on advanced technology used in the creation of aircraft.
For example, the craftsmen use a special sulfuric anodic oxidation technique … used in aeronautics … to minimize glare, prevent corrosion, and provide lifelong durability.

Each putter is made from a solid block of metal. ARGOLF uses the same milling machinery used in the airplane industry. The CNC milling machines are 5 axis, versus the traditional 3 axis used by other putter companies.

The cheap putters are made in third-world companies. But even big-name and expensive putters are mass produced in these countries.


With hand-crafted ARGOLF putters, you get …

Better feel and clear sight lines … that help you line up putts consistently every time and give you the feel professional golfers enjoy … so you improve by getting reliable feedback.

The manufacturing process also ensures that each putter is the same … and made to exacting standards in the ARGOLF studio.

Choose from Two of the Highest Quality Putters on the Planet

For this exclusive promotion, we’re offering the Arthur and Lancelot putters from ARGOLF.

THE ARTHUR – Power Plus Precision

The Arthur from ARGOLF is a classic heel-toe balanced blade putter. It can be used by beginners and is also used by professionals … plus club golfers.

It provides full shaft offset to keep the putter face square at impact. This also provides topspin for a “pure” roll for accuracy. The Heel-toe weight distribution of the putter provides stability at impact for consistency. The design also provides forgiveness at impact for those rare off-center strikes.

The head is milled and crafted from a single piece of 304L stainless steel, developed by the aeronautical industry. The ARTHUR is balanced at 45° which suits golfers with a slightly arced inside-inside club path.

You also receive a custom head cover and a ball marker which clips on the grip.

Full specifications for The Arthur … from ARGOLF.

LOFT: 4°
LIE: 70°

You’ll get a firm, solid, and powerful feel from The Arthur.

THE LANCELOT – A Lighter and Softer Feel for the “Feel” Putter

Another classic heel-toe blade, The Lancelot provides excellent balance. It’s a lighter putter with a half-shaft offset created for precision and a softer feel for the “touch” putter.

It’s made from a single piece of 304L stainless steel … the same steel developed for the aeronautical industry. The sleek yet classic design provides confidence at address and a softer feel that perfect for “touch” putters and golfers with a slightly arced inside-inside path.

The grooved face gets the ball rolling quickly on the intended line … for accuracy plus distance control. The 330g headweight … and the design provide a very different feel from The Lancelot.

Specifications for The Lancelot

LOFT: 4°
LIE: 70°

Here’s What You Can Expect With An ARGOLF Putter in Your Arsenal

  • Hit super-solid putts every time because the putter is square and the loft is perfect.
  • Excellent speed and distance control.
  • Superb feel for control.
  • The rest of your body gets lined up correctly so your shoulders and arms pivot on the correct line.
  • The ball rolls perfectly and this keeps the ball on line – even on slightly bumpy greens … and on all types of greens … bent … poa annua … Bermuda … fescue …
  • You’ll sink a lot of putts … especially those short ones … the ones that really help with lower scores.

Result? You shoot lower scores and have a ton more fun when you play.

ARGOLF Putters … Starting to gain traction on The Champions Tour … and Other Professional Tours …

The putter is the most important club in the bag for most professional golfers. It’s how they score … and scoring means income.

So the professionals on all the major tours DEMAND putters made from the highest quality materials. That’s why the putters from ARGOLF are gaining some major attention.

Jesper Parnevik won the Insperity Invitational in May, 2016 using an ARGOLF putter.


And according to our friends at ARGOLF … their putters are among the fastest-growing putters on tour.

Over 12 players on The Champions Tour are testing ARGOLF putters. And ARGOLF putters are being tried and tested by other touring professionals on many of the world’s professional tours.

The ARGOLF putters the professionals use … ARE THE PUTTERS YOU GET.

Here’s the article from Golf Digest.

“If you’re a puttermaker seeking to get clubs in play on a professional tour then the PGA Champions Tour is a good place to go as fewer players have contracts to play putters than on the PGA Tour. That gave ARGOLF, a company based in France, an opportunity earlier this year at the Allianz Championship to convince Jesper Parnevik to use one of the company’s putters.

At the Insperity Championship, Parnevik still had the putter—the company’s Lancelot blade model—in the bag and used it to win the tournament. According to Mike Biviano, the company’s director of tour operations, Parnevik was drawn to the club for its solid feel as well as how square it sat at address. The blade-style putter is made from a 304L stainless steel billet and its milled and grooved face is designed to enhance roll. The putter is designed for players with a slight arc in their stroke.
As for the name, all of the company’s putters are named after Camelot legends. Parnevik’s putter was 34.5 inches long with 3 degrees of loft with “JP” stamped on it.”

The FASTEST Way to Shoot Lower Scores, Pound Your Golfing Buddies … and Have Them Reaching for their Wallets …

Yes – we all love to hit long drives. But low scores come from getting that little white egg in the hole. Your scores will start to come down FAST with help from the ARGOLF putters because …

  • You start by turning 4 shots around the green into 3 shots.
  • Then you turn 3 shots into 2.

And before you know it, you’re shooting some of lowest scores of your life. And let’s remember the importance of putting when it comes to your confidence … there’s a definite and positive impact on your long game when you’re sinking all those putts … thanks to the highest quality materials in the ARGOLFputters.

So if you’re super-serious about shooting lower scores consistently, then choose from the two ARGOLFmodels.

What Perfect Set-Up Means for YOUR Game …

One thing I really love about ARGOLF PUTTERS … they are super-easy to set up.

Professional golfers will tell you … it’s crucial to have that putter face square to the target line at address.

And those two ARGOLF putters makes it super-easy to get aligned correctly.

What does it mean for your putting when you’re correctly aligned?

  • Confidence when you’re addressing the ball … vital for putting success.
  • You can make a perfect “pendulum” stroke with your putter … for consistency.
  • Top professionals have very little rotation through the stroke. Just a slight inside-inside path … these ARGOLF putters were created for this type of “pro-level” stroke.
  • It’s easier to time the stroke with perfect tempo … thanks to the weight of the putter.
  • Getting correctly aligned with the rest of the body is much easier.

Yes – consistently perfect putting starts with getting the putter face square to the target before you pull the trigger. And these professional-level putters make this super-easy.

21 Reasons to Add ARGOLF Putters to Your Golf Arsenal

You’ll love these putters from ARGOLF and here’s why …

  1. The finest putters we have seen … hand-crafted in France. Built and designed by aircraft engineers … with aircraft-grade materials found in jets built by Boeing and Airbus.
  2. You get what the tour pros get … you get the same putter with the same materials used by Champions Tour winner Jesper Parnevik.
  3. Putting transformation … saving you at least 7 shots a round as you sink ALL your short putts and start making “routine” birdies and eagles.
  4. Extremely easy to get lined up correctly … an important design feature built into every ARGOLF putter.
  5. Robust design using top-grade materials … use in any conditions and will last for years.
  6. Confidence because you can always start the ball on your intended line.
  7. Get your playing partners reaching for their wallets! As you sink putt after putt after putt.
  8. Dramatically lower your scores and handicap. Up to 7 shots a round just because you’re putting superbly.
  9. Consistency from putter to putter … strict quality control standards and every putter made in the ARGOLF studio in France.
  10. For every type of golfer … from total beginner to PGA touring professional … club golfers …
  11. Forgiveness thanks to the classic face-balanced blade design.
  12. Sink a TON of short putts … important for your score and your sanity!
  13. Two types of putter … The Lancelot with a softer feel. The Arthur with a stronger feel.
  14. Say “goodbye” to three putts because those solid putts with The Argolf putters will lead to better speed control.
  15. Proven design used by professionals … the fastest-growing putter on The Champions Tour.
  16. Built to last a lifetime … thanks to really strong design and construction using aircraft grade materials.
  17. Get the weight you want … for feel and speed control. The Lancelot is lighter. The Arthur is a little heavier.
  18. Perfect roll on any putting surface … Bermuda … bent … poa annua … fescue.
  19. Forgiving … thanks to the face balancing.
  20. Superb feedback … keys to consistency, improvement, and distance control.
  21. The ultra-low price … way below retail …

The Media is Noticing ARGOLF

“The final play impression of the ARTHUR to share is that it’s a cannon. If you can miss short with the Arthur, you are a wizard. This putter is hot. It’s something that you will likely need to dial in before taking it on the course. Dialing in distance shouldn’t be an issue.”
“These grooves, and the 330g headweight, combine to make the Lancelot a putter that feels very different from the Arthur. If the Arthur is a king’s broadsword, then the Lancelot is a surgeon’s scalpel. The word that I would use to describe putting with the Lancelot is deft. This putter feels much more like a precision instrument. I’m not saying that you need to be more precise to putt with it, just that it feels like a delicate wand instead of a bludgeoning staff. Both can work magic, but in different ways.”
“Proven on tour and gaining visibility in the USA, the ARGOLF Lancelot is a putter crafted by master machinists with precise deep milling that provides a soft feel and a great look.
The first thing I thought upon seeing the ARGOLF Lancelot putter in person was, “Man that thing is sexy.”  Then remembering it’s named after a medieval dude I changed to “good looking”.  The rounded ends and deep milling give the putter visual appeal.  And the matte finish on the 304L stainless steel is a winner in my book.”
-Plugged In Golf.

An AMAZINGLY Low Price for these ARGOLF Putters …  This Offer Is ONLY Available For YOU … The Revolution Golfer …

Revolution Golf is offering a special low price for these ARGOLF putters …


It’s only for a limited time so you must act right now. Plus we only have a limited number of theseARGOLF putters available for this event.

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The REVOLUTION GOLF 30-Day Playability Guarantee

We offer the Argolf Putter with a low price plus a 100% PLAYABILITY GUARANTEE!

Argolf Putter WILL help you shoot lower scores and have more fun on the golf course by helping you sink more putts … and also three-putt a lot less.

If you’re not totally satisfied, simply contact The Revolution Golf customer Service team at [email protected] within 30 days, and receive details on how to get a full refund. You’ll receive a 100% refund if the club has not been hit, and clubs that have been hit are subject to a 15% re-stocking charge.

So you get a full 30 days to decide if the Argolf Putter is for you.


Make the Right Choice for Your Golf Game – Keep Missing Short Putts … and Three Putting … OR … START POUNDING IN THE PUTTS …

Now you have a HUGE decision to make.

You can continue to struggle with your putting … because you have a putter made from “el-chapo” materials …

OR …

You can TRANSFORM YOUR PUTTING with the help of these ARGOLF putters … because you’re putting with a putter made from the highest quality materials … designed and created by aeronautical engineers.

To Great Golf!

Justin Tupper
Founder and CEO
Revolution Golf

P.S. Remember …

  • We’ve got a special low price … click here to see the low price …
  • You can try an ARGOLF putter risk-free for 365 days.


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