Introducing the PowerPlane

The Most Important Golf Technology Innovation Since Video and Trackman … And You Can Get It …

We all know how much video changed EVERYTHING in golf teaching. Suddenly, it was much easier to spot swing flaws and problems … then fix them.

Then came Trackman and similar ball launch monitor technology. This meant that teachers could see exactly what was happening at the moment of truth … IMPACT.

But there’s a new technology that more and more PGA Teaching professionals are using. And they’re getting superb results with their students. FAST.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on …

Introducing the PowerPlane™ … Solving One of the Biggest Problems in Golf …

Ask any golf teacher and they will tell you … excessive movement in the golf swing is a massive problem. Yes … there’s some margin for error and you obviously have to make the right moves … but excessive motion will lead to inconsistency, pushes, pulls, slicing, fat shots, thin shots, and other major problems.

Fed up with those problems? Want consistency? Power? Accuracy? Then here’s the answer to these and other major problems.

The PowerPlane™ uses high precision ultrasonics to detect common swing flaws … including excessive movement and swaying. It was created by Rich Kosowsky, a technology expert who has worked with companies and institutions including MIT, Qualcomm, and Yahoo.

A serious golfer, Kosowsky started working with Tim Tierney, a PGA teaching professional at Weston Golf Club in Massachusetts. Tierney was looking for a way to help his students overcome a huge problem … excess movement … especially lateral movement of the head.

Yes … the head moves during the golf swing but too much movement can quickly lead to major problems and inconsistency. So Tierney asked Kosowsky to create a device that would detect this movement … and other movements that lead to inconsistency.

The result is the PowerPlane™. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Click the PLAY button now.

Here’s How the PowerPlane™ Helps You Gain Power and Consistency

If your head moves too far back from the ball … or if your head moves too far ahead of the ball, bad things happen in the golf swing.

Your head can and does move during the swing … it has to … but too much movement is a bad thing.
Tour professionals and elite amateurs have one thing in common … their head stays in a defined area from address to impact. Based on Tierney’s experience teaching, the head teaches the body to stay in the correct positions throughout the swing.

If your head and body leave the correct zones, the PowerPlane™ beeps. No beep … you’re “in the zone” and you’ll get consistent results.

The PowerPlane™ has a super-lightweight sensor that attaches to your baseball hat. The sensor is linked to the other sensor that lies flat on the ground. Here’s how you make the most of the PowerPlane.

STEP 1. Attach the PowerPlane™ Sonic Sensor to your hat.
STEP 2. Place the other sensor on the ground in line with the target line.
STEP 3. Start making swings with the PowerPlane™.
STEP 4. If your head is within “the zone” then the PowerPlane™ remains silent. If your head moves too much, there’s a “beep” so you know you’re making an incorrect move.

Even better …

The PowerPlane™ Can Help You Correct Other Common Swing Faults

The PowerPlane™ is extremely versatile. It can detect other major swing problems.

  • Place the sensor on the back of your belt to correct early extension and spine angle issues.
  • Improve poor weight transfer.
  • Place the sensor on the front hip to fix excessive hip sway.
  • Use the chip and pitch mode to keep your weight forward when you’re making full shots with short irons.

You can use the PowerPlane™ with your golf teaching professional and/or by yourself.

And remember … you take actual swings with real balls at the range.

How the PowerPlane™ Will Help Your Game … FAST …
More Distance … 10-35 Yards Off the Tee …

PowerPlane™ teaches you the all-important feeling of staying behind the ball at impact. This will put you in a more powerful impact position and make contact in the middle of the club. You get more distance by gaining full extension and rotation … giving you more distance.

Straighter Shots … No Slicing!

Slicing and fades usually happen because the golfer hangs back. This creates a spinning motion in the lower body. You can fix these issues … if you have them … when you keep yourself “in the zone” … when the PowerPlane is not beeping.

Develop a Repeatable Draw … A Key for More Power and Consistency for 99% of Golfers …

PGA golf instructors agree … a power draw is a great goal for 99% of golfers. The PowerPlane™ helps you keep the head back a little longer. This means the club attacks the club from a shallow angle … crucial for creating a draw ball flight.

Watch professional golfer Chip Beck use the PowerPlane. Click the PLAY button now.

There’s More to the PowerPlane™ … Much More …

You can use the PowerPlane™ with every club in your bag. It will help you with your full swing … and with your short game. Just choose your mode.

SWING MODE … Start here for full swings and drives. Move too far forward or too far back and the PowerPlane will beep … letting you know you’re not making a solid swing.

PRO SWING MODE … Pro Swing Mode tightens the planes … perfect for getting to the advanced level. There is less movement off the ball and this can give you crisper contact.

This mode will help your short game by promoting solid contact.

PUTT MODE … Putt mode gives you a tight front plane. This helps keep you steady so you don’t peek … move your hips … then push or pull your putts.


The PowerPlane™ will help you with EVERY part of your game … making practice fun, rewarding, and productive. Result?

  • You’ll shoot lower scores because you will keep your ball in play.
  • You can eliminate those “look away awful” shots … no more big numbers.
  • You will gain consistency, accuracy, and distance.
  • You will make the most of your practice time … and your time with your professional.
The PowerPlane™ is Super-Simple to Use …

Set up the PowerPlane™ by opening it and placing it on the ground.

Then, attach the Sonic Sensor to your hat.

That’s it! You’re ready to go.

Look at the target for two seconds, then look back at the ball and make your swing, chip, pitch, or putt. You will instantly know whether you’re staying in the correct positions.

The PowerPlane™ is effective and powerful for left-handed and right-handed golfers.

It’s so simple to use … there isn’t even a manual … you don’t need one.

And you can use it everywhere … range (grass or mat) … short game practice area … putting green … even on the course.

PLUS … you can use it indoors without a ball.

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Here’s What Golfers Have Said About The PowerPlane™
“The concepts behind PowerPlane™ are all concepts that I believe are critical to good ball striking. We all want to drive the ball further. Perhaps the single biggest flaw for many recreational golfers is getting their head in front of the ball during the downswing. This causes a steep angle of attack, creates excessive spin, and robs you of distance. PowerPlane™ will make you aware of this flaw so you can keep your head behind the ball and deliver a more powerful strike to the golf ball.”
-Shawn Hester, PGA
“I had been looking for something that would give immediate feedback for my students, and PowerPlane™ is it! Anyone looking to keep a better spine angle and cut down on lateral movement, should definitely use it. Students see a big difference in just a few swings.”
-Allie Blomquist, PGA, LPGA
“PowerPlane™ helps golfers fix common swing flaws through active motor response. Learning by actually hitting shots. This is the best and fastest way to learn a new habit or motion. Any golfer can learn to use this device and start improving in just a few minutes.”
-Shawn Callahan, Golf Instructor & Tour Coach
“Less than five minutes after my students use PowerPlane™ I see more distance and better ball contact. I like how PowerPlane™ can be used for all golf swings, driving to putting!”
-Brett Gracey, PGA Teaching Professional
“Using PowerPlane™ had an immediate impact on how I was striking the ball. The audible sound gave me instant feedback and was really helpful in keeping me in the right position to make a good swing. I particularly like how you can use it for your short game and putting too, so its application can help all parts of my game. Thanks PowerPlane™!”
-Parrish Arturi, Amateur Golfer
“PowerPlane™ gives me instant feedback when the head movement in my downswing is incorrectly moving past the ball. It allows me to assess and correct improper head movement in my swing and has led to increased consistency and a dramatic improvement in my ball striking. I’d recommend PowerPlane™ to any golfer looking to perfect his/her game.”
-Lisa Spagnuolo, 3-Time Jr. Club Champion
“PowerPlane™ helped me add 30 yards to my drives and it all happened after the first few swings. Wow!”
-Holly Ritchie,Amateur Golfer
“PowerPlane™ is easy to use while practicing and provides instant feedback that I am staying behind the ball. It’s the most efficient training aid I have ever used.”
-Bruce Carter,Former US Amateur Competitor 
“PowerPlane™ is an exciting new training aid which gives students instant feedback on multiple key swing fundamentals. It is terrific with an instructor present, as well as during unsupervised practice sessions. PowerPlane™ is an extremely effective tool to help students improve their consistency and score.”
-Jeff Phillips, PGA, Head Golf Professional
“PowerPlane™ is an amazingly simple tool for quickly teaching you to keep your head on the ball. I didn’t realize how much I was moving during my backswing, and with PowerPlane™, It took fewer than ten swings and beeps for my body to learn to stay in position!”
-Bronwyn Lamont, Amateur Golfer
“Rotation is an integral component of my teaching philosophy. PowerPlane™ guides the player on a perfect swing plane and path for every single swing, without the added worry of swaying off the ball. This repetition promotes muscle memory while simultaneously focusing on the player’s rotation.”
-Jimmy Norris, Head Golf Professional
“Power comes from a stable core. Most golfers have difficulty maintaining that core and thus do not deliver maximum power through the optimum plane. PowerPlane™ gives immediate feedback so that you train your core muscles to achieve both aims. The result is effortless power with minimum strain on your back and arms.”
-Dr. Jon Warner, Amateur Golfer
“I first started working with PowerPlane™ to improve my accuracy off the tee and I saw immediate results.  I was spraying the ball because I wasn’t staying back on it, but PowerPlane™ helped me stay in position throughout the swing and I started hitting the ball straighter and longer! Thanks, PowerPlane™!”
-Rusty Stebbins, Amateur Golfer
“PowerPlane™ has been a great addition to our instructional toolbox. With PowerPlane™, students receive relevant and immediate feedback without the need to physically stabilize their head. We continue to see measurable improvements in centeredness of contact, swing path and angle of attack from students who incorporate PowerPlane™ into their weekly practice sessions.”
-Chris Carpenter, Director of Golf 
“What I love about PowerPlane™ is its versatility. It has really helped with my driving and iron play but it has also elevated my short game, especially my putting.”
-Ralph Dangelmaier, Amateur Golfer
“PowerPlane™ is the piece of technology that I have been looking for both in my teaching and for use by my students in their own time. Its mobility and ease of use makes it simple enough for anyone to use effectively and the technology that it possesses is sophisticated enough to work highly specific body mechanics. PowerPlane™ is a must have for teachers and anyone who needs a purpose for their practice.”
-Todd Cook, PGA
“PowerPlane™ is a new training aid that will benefit golfers of all skill levels. PowerPlane™ helps complement the other technology that I use regularly. The auditory feedback given to a golfer when they are out of position has proven results and allows me to simplify the learning process.”
-Bryan Lebedevitch, PGA Golf Instructor
“PowerPlane™ is a home run! Faulty head movements have plagued golfers and their instructors forever. The audio feedback is so effective. We now have a much better way to feel where we should or should not be throughout our motion from driver to putter. A great learning tool!”
-Phil Cardwell, PGA Teaching Professional

49 Reasons You’ll Love the PowerPlane™

I’m really impressed with the PowerPlane™ and here’s why …

  1. Gain 10-35 yards off the tee … because you’ll make solid contact consistently.
  2. No technical mumbo-jumbo … just plug and play and listen for the “beep” … which gives you instant feedback.
  3. CONSISTENCY … because the PowerPlane™ takes away the “bad” moves in your swing.
  4. Realistic practice … hit balls at the range or golf course.
  5. Learn how to hit crisp irons because you’ll be in the correct positions.
  6. Become a short-game wizard because the PowerPlane lets you know when there’s excess movement in your swing.
  7. Get the bad habits out of your system forever … and unleash the golfer you know is inside you.
  8. Hit stone-dead pitches from even the tightest lies.
  9. Smash the ball consistently because you’ll learn about secret distance robbers and how to beat them.
  10. Keep the improvement going with help from the PowerPlane™.
  11. Discover how to make the most of your practice time thanks to the feedback from the PowerPlane.
  12. Solid contact with every club so you stop hitting thin shots and stop hitting fat shots.
  13. Hit solid shots in the all-important 175-215 yard range … because the PowerPlane will help you with fairway woods and hybrids.
  14. Surprise yourself by hitting superb shots – you’re better than you think you are.
  15. Discover how to hit a solid power draw for added distance.
  16. Hit deadly wedges that spin and stop next to the hole.
  17. Fix the most common swing fault – coming over the top … if that’s your issue … coming over the top comes from excess movement.
  18. Say goodbye to slicing and weak fades … if you’ve been struggling with these shots.
  19. Practice many of the techniques at home or in the office.
  20. Surprise yourself with your distance improvements because you’re hitting the ball in the sweet spot.
  21. No need to “muscle” the ball which gives you serious consistency.
  22. Finally discover and feel how to square the clubface at impact.
  23. Say goodbye to “casting” and those weak “over-the-top” moves that lead to weak shots and slicing.
  24. Join the ranks of the “elite” ball strikers who make hitting the ball look automatic … thanks to the “pro” setting.
  25. Enjoy “sweet spot” contact every time … the key to reducing your handicap.
  26. Eradicate common problems like topping, lack of distance, pulls, pushes, poor contact, hooks, slices, and foozles.
  27. Versatile … from age 5 to 95 … male … female … lefty … righty …
  28. Super-easy to use … if you can use a phone, you can use the PowerPlane.
  29. Durable … use in any conditions … years of enjoyment.
  30. Use with every club in your bag … driver to putter.
  31. Recommended AND USED by hundreds of the golf teachers … because it helps with super-fast improvement and consistency.
  32. Start to make every short putt … vital for scoring.
  33. RESULTS! See the testimonials above. End whatever golf issue is ailing you.
  34. Much stronger ball flight … for more aggressive shots into greens … and more distance.
  35. TOUR-CALIBER DISTANCE thanks to the “space age” technology.
  36. Save time … thanks to the time-saving feedback. Make the most of your valuable practice time.
  37. DO NOT WORK OUT! Gain immediate distance WITHOUT changing your physical condition.
  38. DO NOT BUY A NEW DRIVER! Gain distance WITHOUT buying a new driver.
  39. Master the perfect path … gain the perfect path into the ball with your driver.
  40. Perfect for every club in the bag … thanks to the 4 different practice modes.
  41. Gain confidence when you get to the golf course … thanks to short game improvement.
  42. FINALLY understand how the pivot should feel … because the PowerPlane™ takes “bad” motion away.
  43. A Lot Less Than a New Driver! Get the distance gains you want for a lot less than $400!
  44. Used by touring professionals … including Chip Beck.
  45. Eliminate the worst mistakes … including swaying or reverse pivoting. Discover how to shift your weight correctly throughout the swing for maximum and effortless power.
  46. The hottest golf training aid on the planet … being used by golf teaching professionals around the world.
  47. Get a repeatable draw … crucial for more power and consistency.
  48. Fixes additional swing killers including excessive hip sway.
  49. Super-low price.

The REVOLUTION GOLF 100% Guarantee

We offer the PowerPlane™ with a low price plus a 100% PLAYABILITY GUARANTEE!

The PowerPlane™ must help you get the distance, accuracy, and consistency you want OR … you get your money back.

We’re promising the PowerPlane™ will eliminate the “bad” parts of your game … including excess movement. We back up this promise with a rock-solid 365-day guarantee.

If you have any questions simply contact The Revolution Golf Customer Service team at [email protected].


Now You Have a Simple Decision to Make

You can struggle with your game … never really getting the most of your valuable time on the golf course …

OR …

You can TRANSFORM your game by adding a PowerPlane™ to your golf arsenal.

We know you’ll make the right decision … PLUS … you’ll get the lowest price we’ve seen.

Justin Tupper
Founder and CEO
Revolution Golf


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