Exciting news for all golfers with back pain…

Wow, what a great end to The Masters. A playoff between Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia. I was hoping Sergio was going to win and he did!

It was great to see.

I’ve done a swing analysis of Sergio’s golf swing in the past and it seems fitting to share that again with you today. But first, I’ve got an article about Rickie Fowler and how he beat a career ending back injury. Rickie clearly didn’t win The Masters, but at least he was competing.

Whether you have back pain or not, this information will be important for you. Because if you are doing what Rickie Fowler USED to do… you are one step closer to throwing out your back with every swing you take.

Even if you don’t have back pain at the moment read the article anyway. You never know when you may need it.

Then as I said, below that is a swing analysis of this year’s Masters champion, Sergio Garcia!

Exciting news for all golfers with back pain…

At Last! A Cure for
“Golfer’s Back” …

Rickie Fowler discovers shockingly simple fix for back pain after suffering from the EXACT same injuries that have all but ended Tiger Woods’ career!

This is an unusual story…

In 2012 Rickie Fowler started dropping out of tournaments. The reason? Injuries in his lower back. Specifically, around the L4 and L5 vertebrae (the exact same area Tiger Woods has had surgery on… three times).

But Rickie didn’t turn to drugs or surgery like Tiger did. He used a different approach.

Since then, his back pain has completely disappeared! And his career took off too…

According to the Official World Golf Ranking, before his back problems Rickie’s highest ranking (in 2010) was 28. In 2014, he’d fought up to 10th. And by the 2015 season, he was the 5th best golfer in the world.

At the same time his annual earnings skyrocketing from $1.8 to over $5.7 million (and grabbed all the fame and glory Tiger used to get).

Would You Like to Know What Rickie Did that Tiger Didn’t?

The good news is Rickie laid out the step-by-step details that fixed his back in a Golf Digest Article published on April 23, 2013 (you’ll see those later in this article).

Even better, he said it helped him develop “maximum swing power” (now, that doesn’t necessarily mean reading this will add distance to your drives off the tee… it might, but… I promise what Rickie had to say will make your back feel a heck of alot better).

But before we dive right in…

Rickie’s fix won’t make sense until you know why so many golfers get back pain in the first place. And for that you need to understand a little-known chronic condition I call “Golfer’s Back.”

Is Your Swing Destroying Your Back?

Golfer’s Back is a certain type of injury that is common to – you guessed it – golfers. It occurs when your swing causes permanent DAMAGE to your lower back.

Here’s what Rickie Fowler said about it in a May 2013 Golf Digest Interview,

“…this bad swing habit WILL exact a physical toll no matter your age or fitness level. In my case, [it placed] extreme pressure on my lower spine…this is a common cause of bad backs–and bad shots–for golfers of all levels.”

The key word here is “habit”.

A single bad swing won’t hurt you. But can you see how making a mistake 500, 1,000, or 10,000 times would?

And while 10,000 swings may sound like a lot… have you played golf for 3 or more years?

If so, you could have easily racked up 10,000 swings by now. If you play golf just once a week, and shoot 18 holes at a par 4 (hey, congratulations on being a scratch golfer) that’s 3,744 strokes per year.

And that doesn’t include mulligans, time on the range, and practice swings!

Can you see how all this swinging could add up?

It’s this repetition that is so dangerous. And without going into the nitty-gritty Harvard medical school explanation – every single bad swing strains your lower back. Muscles, cartilage, ligaments, bones, discs…everything.

Eventually you develop Golfer’s Back…and then you start seeing the types of problems that crippled Tiger and almost ended Rickie Fowler’s career too. Early Symptoms of Golfer’s Back There are warning signs you are in the early stages of Golfer’s Back.

Here are just a few. You’ve…

Woken up sore the day after a round of golf or driving practice

• Noticed more frequent back pain

• Experienced more intense pain that lingers around longer (that’s a HUGE warning sign your back is getting worse)

• Become exhausted after 9 holes (or less) from fighting the pain

• Held back on your swing because you are afraid of hurting your back — and as a result, you constantly find yourself coming up short on drives compared to your golf buddies

• Thrown your back out one or more times in the past year

Does any of that sound familiar?

If so, you could be in the early stages of Golfer’s Back (which will keep you in pain on and off the green).

So What Exactly is this Swing Mistake?

This is quite a long article so to continue reading it click here.

Sergio Garcia – Swing Analysis

First we’ll start by looking at how Sergio sets up to the golf ball.

The most obvious thing in Sergio’s setup is how far back in his stance the ball is positioned. Sergio is well known for hitting down with his driver, and a big part of that is where he is positioning the ball. Now hitting down on the ball with the driver will cost you some distanceBUT it can be more accurate. Apart from that, the rest of Sergio’s setup is pretty stock standard. Let’s now look at how he takes the club away.

Sergio takes the club away in a pretty standard fashion for a pro. There’s slight hip movement to the right. The club is taken away pretty much on plane. Let’s see how things progress more as the swing continues…

There’s some nice positions there. The club from the down the line view is in a great position. The only thing I notice is his right knee appears to be moving to the right in the face on view. We’ll keep an eye on that.

His swing plane is perfect. Just like I teach in the Easy Swing Plane system. Look at the right knee from the face on view though. It looks like it’s moving quite a bit to the right. Apart from that, everything is perfect at this point. Let’s now look at his top of the backswing position…

There’s a lot going on from the half-way point in his swing to the top of his swing. He moves his weight to the right side quite a bit during that period. And you can see this by looking at his right foot. It appears his weight is on the outside of his right foot, which is meant to be a big no no. Strangely his right knee has gone to the right quite a bit during the backswing also. Here is a picture of this from the setup position to the top of the backswing.

That’s very odd. I’ve ever seen any top pro do that before.

Anyway, notice how laid off the club is at the top of the backswing and how much short of parallel it is. But Sergio does have a big shoulder turn.

Ok, let’s see how he transitions the club into the downswing.

Sergio flattens the shaft in the transition more than most pros. BUT it’s probably not as much as people think because he starts his downswing from such a laid off position. Also it appears as though he has a lot of lag in his swing, but he doesn’t because the club is so flat. Let’s now see what he does later in the downswing…

At this point in his downswing Sergio does not have an excessive amount of lag. His head is quite a bit to the right of where it was at setup and down lower, which is fine. My guess is that as he swings through the ball he’s going to keep his head back to try to counteract having the ball placed so far back in his stance.

But when you look down the line you can see that he is bringing the club down perfectly on plane. All right, let’s now look at impact…

As I thought would happen, the head is going back at impact. But look at the shaft plane at impact. It’s right on the same plane it was at setup. That’s very impressive! It’s a great impact position and it just shows you that you can do some odd things in your swing (e.g weight on the outside of the right foot, right knee moved to the right etc.) and still hit the ball great IF your swing plane is correct.

Let’s now see how Sergio completes his swing…

He has a lot of weight on his right side still and his head is still a long way back.

Sergio still has a lot of weight back and his head is still not back to where it was at setup.

When you look at his finish position you can see that he still has a lot of weight on his right side, but his head is back in the same position it was at setup (although higher). Look at his right foot at the finish. He is crunching his toes rather than being up on the point. That’s probably because there’s still a lot of weight on his right side.

I have never seen any pro golfer have that much weight on their right side from the top of the backswing until the end of the swing. And I have never seen a pro golfer do what he does with his right knee in the backswing. But that just shows you what a great swing plane can make up for.

If your swing plane is good then other parts of your golf swing don’t need to be.

OK, that’s the end of this issue of the Consistent Golf Gazette. Hope you enjoyed it and have a great week.

For Consistent Golf,

Jeff Richmond
Director Of Instruction
Consistent Golf

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